Brand Julius Meinl to mark the Day coffee and will make a gift to all lovers

Марка Julius Meinl отметит День кофе и сделает подарок всем влюбленным

In your “professional” celebration of Viennese coffee brand encourages couples to Express feelings and to receive a gift of a Cup of coffee or tea.

Vienna’s Julius Meinl brand for 150 years pleases fans of coffee of excellent quality and unique taste of refreshing drink from perfectly roasted beans. However, the brand’s mission does not end – not the first Julius Meinl is conducting a global campaign dedicated to various occasions. For example, in the poetry Day, which the whole world celebrates on March 21, for a Cup of coffee Julius Meinl in any institution traditionally pay with his own poem. This year the project “Poetry brings” will be presented from the other side – October 1, the Day coffee lovers can receive a gift of a Cup of coffee or tea Julius Meinl for its paired picture, published on social networks with the hashtags #alismail, #poezenboot and #Denkova. In order to win a delicious gift, we just have to show a photo of the waiter of a cafe, shown on the map.

There is another way to treat yourself to a free drink to make social video a repost from the website of the brand. “We are making small but significant steps to make our world a better place. Ultimately, this experiment aims to unite people”, – said General Director of Julius Meinl, Marcel Loeffler, explaining the company’s commitment to unusual actions. Come October 1, in a coffeeshop, where Julius Meinl, and spend time in the company of a loved one – can you imagine a better scenario for Saturday night?