Бренд Burberry отказался от натурального меха

In new York started fashion week, which was attended by all the stars and models who will represent new outfits brands. Famous brand Burberry this year is not ready to shock but to surprise. Brand policy has changed, and now in collections will not be used real fur.

Бренд Burberry отказался от натурального меха

It all started with the fact that all the boutiques were covered with new monogram. Go past the shops Burberry now be impossible. But this does not compare with what did the brand in 2017! It became known that the mark burned the unsold goods to a total value of $36 million But the team Burberry promised to do more such will not. The Executive Director of the brand Marco Gobetti also said that they refuse to use real fur – “It’s the key to the long-term success.” September 17 – the new Burberry creative Director Riccardo Tisci will present his debut collection in London!

Who else is actively fighting against real fur? Actress Pamela Anderson for more than five years leading the campaign for the protection of animals, trying to introduce to replace the natural fur of his eco-friendly substitute. In September last year, Pamela noticed that Kim Kardashian, which does not skimp on buying expensive fur coats made of animal fur. This angered the actress, which she has declared “war” Kardashian. She has written Kim open letter, which apparently yielded no results. But Pamela did not accept defeat and decided to give Kardashian a fur coat.

In a strange way Anderson decided to ask the star not to buy Subi of fur animals. She sent her a parcel with a Christmas greeting card. Gift was a coat of eco-friendly fur of the Russian brand. In his letter, the actress has asked Kim to abandon this kind of fur. In the letter, she also decided to quote the great designers, to enhance the effect. Anderson quotes the Gucci promise to stop using fur in their collections, and cites the example of the humane policy of the designer Giorgio Armani. “Kim, I know your young fans even more love to you and your brand, if you will cease to wear fur,” writes Anderson.

To finish the letter, Anderson decided a nice wish. “I hope you and your family will have a great holiday!”.