Бренд Alexander McQueen не поддерживает идею создания одежды из кожи его основателя

Representatives of the fashion house Alexander McQueen has commented on the very unusual initiative of a Junior designer Tina Gorjanc, which set out to create a collection of apparel and accessories of leather the late designer Alexander McQueen.

According to the company, the brand name has nothing to do with and does not support the idea. But will it stop the girl? The fact that in his statement, which Tina did a few weeks ago, she noted that she, completely unknown for the designer man managed to take his DNA and “grow” the material for his future collection. Gorjanc was outraged that today one man cannot guarantee the protection of its biological information and urged the community to pay attention to it.

“If I, an ordinary student, were able to extract DNA such an outstanding person as Alexander McQueen, and I can freely do with it whatever I want, then what to speak about huge corporations with more funding!” — said Tina, urging officials to introduce a number of laws that will protect the personal information of each person. Recall that the famous designer Alexander McQueen, known for its extraordinary creations, has committed suicide in 2010 by hanging himself in his apartment.

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