Брэдли Купер благодарит Ирину Шейк на BAFTA

The award ceremony of the British Academy is still remembered by many, including access all your favorite couples Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper. Actor and Director received the award for original music in the directorial debut of “a Star is born”. From the stage, Bradley thanked his wife and colleagues.

Брэдли Купер благодарит Ирину Шейк на BAFTA

The pair flew to London and appeared together on the red carpet of the event. Irina sparkled in a pantsuit by Burberry on the naked body. The model joined her husband to support him, because “a Star is born” was nominated in two categories — “best film” and “best actor”. Though Director Cooper not appreciated, but Shallow musical composition, which the actor performed a duet with Lady Gaga, brought to the podium. The singer herself chose the BAFTA music award “Grammy”, which she has collected more than one award for his musical activity in the past year.

During the work with Lady Gaga, Cooper is very attached to the star expressed in his victory speech. Irene, loving wife, was also not spared and for the first time thanked from the stage. “I have realized my dream, which I never thought it would happen. Tonight I am sharing this with Lady Gaga, music was the heart of this film. I also want to thank Irina for what she has put up with me while I spent a year trying to compose music in the basement of our house.”

Recall, Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk are the happy parents of a beautiful daughter Leah. Spouses don’t like to talk about his daughter and about his personal life in General, but Oprah Winfrey will talk to anyone. To show well-known TV presenter Bradley talked about who looks like his one year old daughter and was surprised that not get an Oscar.

On the Oprah Winfrey show, Cooper said that his daughter is crazy like his father. “Having a family has changed everything. Our daughter is incredible. And I often see it as his father. I can’t believe I admit it, but I had moments when I was in the room with her and said, “Dad?”” — shared the actor during the interview. His father, of course, we have not seen, but believe that Leia is a copy of Bradley.

Last year Bradley Cooper presented his debut directing “a Star is born” which starred himself and colleagues took Lady Gaga. The picture is nominated for 8 awards, but, unfortunately, the Oscar list is not included. Knowing that his work is not nominated, the Director was very upset. “I was not surprised, I’m never surprised that I was not nominated. I was with a friend in a cafe in new York, I looked at my phone, and Nicole [Caruso, his publicist] wrote me greetings with other nominations. And the first thing I feel is embarrassment. In fact, I was ashamed that I had not fulfilled my part,” admitted Cooper.

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