Брэдли Купер на прогулке с дочерью

Caring father of Bradley Cooper went for a walk with her daughter Leah on the streets of new York. The star was caught by the paparazzi, but his girlfriend Irina Shayk that you often see on walks with the baby, did not notice.

Going for a walk with her daughter, Bradley was not going to break away from his business and took big headphones, in which, probably, listened to music or read an audiobook, as I love busy star. Apparently, curious Leah did not give the possibility to listen to favorite story of his father, after all, not going to sleep. She kept looking around, looking at the streets of new York.

The last time Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk appear in the lenses of the paparazzi together. Recall sources let slip that the couple is already discussing the birth of her second child, and does not preclude his appearance in the next few years. “Irina and Bradley really want a second child. They are not going to postpone it, will try next year. Irene loved being a mother,” says the source.

After the birth of Leah Irene and Bradley became only closer and identify with their priorities in life – create big and strong family.
And though the child takes the couple all the free time, they continue to actively pursue a career.
Now Bradley Cooper tries himself in a new role as Director. He disappears for the film “a Star is born”, where he will play the lead female role of Lady Gaga. But Irina Shayk, despite the fact that it was not long after the birth of her daughter, shone on the red carpet anniversary the 70-th Cannes film festival.
Star couple carefully guards his personal life and refuses any comments. For example, Bradley Cooper refused to confirm the birth of her daughter in a live TV program Ellen DeGeneres. Then presenter told the actor that his home waiting for a baby. Official review media received only two weeks after the happy event. So insight about planning a second child leaked to the press, rather the exception.
Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk started Dating two years ago. Immediately after the start of the relationship Bradley introduced the Russian model with my mom. This fact allowed to speak about serious intentions of the Cooper.