Брэдли Купер готовит семейное гнездышко для Ирины Шейк и будущего малыша The firstborn model of the actor will be born in may or very early June. According to the circle of the couple, Bradley Cooper refers to his beloved as if she were crystal. The artist wanted to feel what it means to be a father, and his dream will come true in the coming months.

      Брэдли Купер готовит семейное гнездышко для Ирины Шейк и будущего малыша

      In early December, Irina went shopping in the company of a sincere friend Gloria campano – mother of her betrothed. It was the first release of 30-year-old Russians as a people after the news of her pregnancy, so all the paparazzi of Los Angeles ran to the Parking lot in front of the organic grocery store Whole Foods to see a pregnant model with my own eyes.

      Irina tried to hide the interesting position baggy sweater, but other signs were in abundance. Caring “mother in law”, which has long been asked 41-year-old Bradley to give her grandchildren, not allowed Irina to even touch a grocery cart or bags. The hand model was busy waffle cone with ice cream, which on that cold day may have only an expectant mother.

      A big surprise

      Traditionally, Irina didn’t tell outsiders about the pregnancy until the second trimester, she managed to hide this fact even from employers. The organizers of the fashion show underwear Victoria’s Secret in Paris found out about the baby at the end of November only because the first rehearsal is model Willy-nilly had to undress. “Then we remembered that the last time she stopped wearing tight things – told other participants of the show. – Apart from that she looked as usual, and, apparently, feel great”.

      Брэдли Купер готовит семейное гнездышко для Ирины Шейк и будущего малыша

      Irina and Bradley started Dating in April 2015, and in July embarked on family planning. “They both wanted to have children, said close to a pair of sources. – And Irina immediately said that is not going to delay motherhood”.

      In September, Bradley presented his beloved mother, who after her husband’s death moved to the Los Angeles mansion of son. Unlike previous girlfriends Cooper she has managed to make Gloria a good impression and she was pleased with the acquaintance.

      “Irina told Bradley that was hoping to win the marriage lottery this is good simple and good-hearted mother-in-law, share the friends of the actor. They Gloria and he quickly made friends, often spend time together when Bradley goes to shooting. Go for walks and shopping, talking long over lunch in restaurants”.

      In the same month, according to insiders, Cooper admitted Irina in love, and she kissed him back. “Personal compatibility and sexual harmony that marked their relationship, astounding, – eyewitnesses of the novel. They are living proof of the theory that people really can find your soulmate”.

      In October, Bradley and Irene made all the romantics, a charming scene in the Parking lot in front of the hotel Tribeca in new York. The lovers were playing hide and seek among the machines, and when Bradley still caught his Princess, she rewarded him with a passionate kiss. It seemed that these two had finally become stronger in thought that are made for each other.

      “They both have apartments in new York, but they live in one, told friends. Although most of the time between work trips carried out in the Los Angeles mansion of Bradley”.


      Брэдли Купер готовит семейное гнездышко для Ирины Шейк и будущего малыша

      In January 2016, rumor has it that Irina and Bradley broke up. Supposedly right after New year’s model had a big fight with his mom, which made living together impossible. But even if the conflict took place, the lovers managed to extinguish it. In March, they first appeared together on the red carpet in Paris.

      “Of course, I want to know what it feels like to be a father,’ replied the actor in question, when it comes to the replenishment of the family. I saw so much joy to family life brought my father. I also need this experience.”

      In fact, Bradley has not taken any steps in this direction, and by July the same question apparently occurred to Irene. They say that discussion on the creation of a family resulted in a public quarrel in the stands of the Wimbledon tennis tournament in July. Bradley looked annoyed, but she furtively brushed away the tears.

      Then the model is said worried relatives that the cause of the crying was a sudden Allergy attack. Probably Bradley because allergic to all the rest usually becomes aggravated in the spring. According to the further development of events, she managed to gain the upper hand in the dispute.

      “We wondered why the mid-autumn Bradley suddenly began to treat her so tenderly, as if she was crystal – say friends of the couple. Now it is clear that he was blown away by the news about the baby. Bradley doesn’t like that Irina continues to work, but he doesn’t mind, just trying to surround her maximum comfort. He drives to airport and farewell kisses as they parted for years. She has to escape from his hands, so as not to miss the plane”.

      According to rumors, the actor uses the absence of the beloved, to make his mansion for 4 700 000 $ in Pacific Palisades is suitable and safe for a small child.

      “When Bradley bought the house, he needed a bachelor’s Nora – recognize his friends. – He did not think, whether fenced pool, not too steep stairs or low window sills. Now there is nothing for the convenience of the young mother and the baby, but Bradley is working on it, regardless of considerable expense”

      I must say that now, Western sources reported about the forthcoming wedding of the famous couple. In a recent interview, Irina said that the wedding is tentatively scheduled for the second half of August. The model did not disclose details of the planned event. Apparently, the celebrity is trying to stop all the rumors in a series of recent events surfaced in her life.