Брэдли Купер обидел Ирину Шейк

Fans of Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk seriously concerned about their recent quarrel, which occurred during the tennis tournament Wimbledon, which was held on the eve of July 10.

41-year-old actor and his 30-year-old girlfriend arrived in good spirits, however, during the second set it was obvious that they broke the pots. While the camera transmitted the images of them in between matches, Bradley with the hope looked at Irina, who turned away from him and otherwise ignored his glance. It seemed that she actually wanted nothing to do with him. Fans wonder what was going to happen at times the happy couple, to Russian beauty behaved in a similar way.
Pessimists-fans have suggested that this is the last output pair in the light and that soon we will hear about their parting, and some even called for Bradley to drop the arrogant woman who had so shamed him. We hope that the crisis in the relationships of celebrities in the past and their romance to last.

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