Bradley Cooper hides the birth of a child

Брэдли Купер скрывает рождение ребенка The actor has not commented on the information that the model Irina Shayk gave him an adorable daughter. Apparently, the parents of the baby want to keep her safe from unwanted attention. Recently, Bradley Cooper gave an interview in which he pretended to know nothing about the heir.
Брэдли Купер скрывает рождение ребенка

Recently, the 42-year-old Bradley Cooper gave his first interview after the birth of a charming daughter of Leah, which the artist gave the 31-year-old model Irina Shayk. The man appeared to show the famous American TV presenter Ellen DeGeneres.

At the moment the actor involved as a Director and performer starring in the upcoming musical “a Star is born,” which also played Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott. Despite a very busy schedule, Cooper found time to chat with DeGeneres. In the program, Ellen Bradley has congratulated with a joyful event. “Thank you that you came, I know you’re very busy… Now you have a baby, you do know that he became a father?” — the leader asked. In response, Cooper will act surprised and retorted: “What?!” But DeGeneres did not panic and gave the artist advice: “When you get home, look as it should, the child should be in there somewhere”.

Then the actor and presenter began to discuss the new film, in which she played Lady Gaga. The Hollywood star revealed that the famous singer “gorgeous”, but his vocal skills leave much to be desired. In turn, Ellen noted that Bradley is a great actor, who turns everything that whatever he undertook.

In the final interview, DeGeneres decided to get back to the topic of replenishment in the family of Cooper and Shake. Leading believes that the Hollywood star will make an excellent parent.

“You know, you don’t want to talk about the baby, so I just noticed, I knew you’d be a good father. To me it became clear after watching the movie “Sniper,” said Ellen.

Recall that Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk started Dating two years ago. Then the paparazzi caught a couple on one of the theater. Love relationships have evolved rapidly, and many of the tabloids began to prophesy celebrity quick wedding.

In early April, the stars became parents for the first time. The model gave her lover a beautiful girl called Leah de Saint Shake Cooper. A few days after the joyous event photographers caught Irina and Bradley on a walk with the child. Despite the fact that the model and the actor tried to escape by going outside an inconspicuous clothes, they have not gone unnoticed. Apparently, in the moment, Shake energetically returning in shape after the baby. Irina Shayk stripped for the first time after giving birth