Bradley Cooper first appeared with Irina Shayk at the ball of the Institute Costume

Брэдли Купер впервые появился с Ириной Шейк на балу Института Костюмов
The supermodel denied rumors about her pregnancy.

Irina Shayk and Bradley Cooper


Irina Shayk, appearing with her boyfriend
Bradley Cooper at the Met Gala ball costume Institute, held at the Metropolitan Museum in new York, caused widespread
admiration: the pair looked terrific. From Irene, clad in glittering
Golden dress with an extremely high slit, it was impossible
to look away.

Interestingly, the emergence of 32-year-old Shake with 43-year-old Cooper at a ball became their debut as a couple at this annual event. Although they have been Dating for quite some time, and both times was Met Gala guests before they appeared here only separately. Even in 2016, when Irina had met with Bradley and they both were invited to the ball, then they not only posed together for the photographers, Shake and Cooper did not even come to know each other! However, they are on the “red carpet” other activities together do not appear often…

His appearance at the Met Gala in effectively obligasi
figure dress, Irina actually denied the rumors about her pregnancy,
spread the last time: all notice that the stomach Shake was perfectly flat. It was impossible not to notice gleaming
on the ring finger of her hands ring with emerald and diamonds. By the way,
his appearance is made at the time to talk about that Shake
got engaged to Cooper. Although the couple is still not confirmed officially
the fact of her engagement, the model never parted with this jewel.

We recall that this ring appeared on the finger
Irina in December of 2016, when Shake was
pregnant with Cooper. Now their daughter Leah for a year and two months, but Bradley and
Irina has steadfastly refused to publicly discuss her child. Shy Shake
with Cooper and talking about his matrimonial plans. Although they are
for three years (from spring 2015), about whether they in the foreseeable future
to formalize their relationship, none of them won’t tell.