Brad pitt won the first victory in the fight for their children

Брэд Питт одержал первую победу в борьбе за своих детей
Angelina Jolie made a compromise.

Брэд Питт одержал первую победу в борьбе за своих детей

Brad Pitt


Brad Pitt
happy: he finally managed what he wanted already
big year. Jolie allowed him to spend a few days with the kids. About it
told the Australian edition of the NW one of the friends

time Angelina Jolie, who after the announcement of the divorce a few months
diligently hid children from outsiders, began to appear everywhere in
accompanied by his “child support team”. Almost each of the past
events “awards season”, which began with the Golden globe, she came up with
any of his children. Meanwhile, her
ever since their father brad pitt —
last seen with his children, flew for almost 15 months.

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Брэд Питт одержал первую победу в борьбе за своих детей

Brad Pitt (Brad Pitt)

in September of 2016 became aware of the divorce pitt and Jolie, it was strictly
it is forbidden to communicate with their children without the presence of a psychologist. But even after
that restriction was lifted, much easier brad did not. Not too
helped even what Jolie moved with the children to the mansion in Los Feliz,
located near his home. Although he now sees all six
biological and adopted children are much
more Jolie never allowed them to stay
in the father’s house for the night.

Brad already
long been trying to persuade angelina to she allowed him to stay with them
at least a couple of days. He led the negotiations on this subject on the eve of Thanksgiving,
then before the Christmas holidays… Alas, it was all in vain. What made
Jolie to change her mind now — is still unknown. But reportedly she
agreed with pitt that he will take the children somewhere for a few days to relax
this spring.

Брэд Питт одержал первую победу в борьбе за своих детей

Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are close to completing the divorce process

Meanwhile, nearing the completion of the divorce of Angelina and brad. And
so, soon will a final decision about child custody. At pitt there is a real chance to get what he wants: to achieve
not only visitation rights, as originally wanted Jolie and joint custody. In any case, pitt has done all for this,
what depended on him. Brad underwent treatment for alcoholism, a
he has been perfectly sober lifestyle. All the time when brad is not busy
filming and does not communicate with the children, he holds in the art Studio of his friend,
doing the sculpting.

Angelina Jolie with children