Brad pitt will build a love nest for his new girlfriend

Брэд Питт построит любовное гнездышко для своей новой подруги
Pitt and Neri Oxman creates the “house of their dreams.”

Брэд Питт построит любовное гнездышко для своей новой подруги

Brad Pitt


Neri Oxman


As it became known to the reporter of the National Enquirer, brad pitt and his
42-year-old friend, a Professor and architect Neri Oxman, enthusiastically working on
the joint project. They set out to build a “home of their dreams”,
where they could spend time together.

According to the informant of the edition parallel
Brad and Neri are looking for a place where they could erect his dwelling. Incidentally, it’s not just because Oksana is based in Massachusetts, where he works and teaches
in the local Institute of Technology. And pitt lives in Los Angeles and
wouldn’t want to leave here too far, because he doesn’t want to lose the opportunity
to see his children, which appeared
he married with Angelina Jolie…

We recall that pitt and Oxman met last
in the fall, when brad came to Massachusetts to consult
with Oxman on behalf of one of their architectural projects. And their business contact quickly
turned into a novel. Brad arrived in town for one day, and left for a week. As
witnesses claim that during this time they are not seen as pitt came out of the house
Neri early in the morning. Moreover, according to reports, the pair has already managed to make
their first journey together —
South Africa.