Brad pitt was suspected of having an affair with Sienna Miller

Брэда Питта заподозрили в интрижке с Сиеной Миллер
Pitt left the party in the company of the actress.

Брэда Питта заподозрили в интрижке с Сиеной Миллер

Brad Pitt


Sienna Miller


a party held recently on the occasion of the release of the film “the Lost
city of Z”, were quite puzzled: they became involuntary
witness how brad pitt in full
flirting with also invited to the event by actress Sienna Miller. This pair
was so wrapped up in each other that did not pay attention to
other guests. Guests of the event were surprised that pitt, who last
time for the most part was depressed because of the divorce with Angelina Jolie, all night
just blazed from his face never left
a contented smile. And at the end of the party,
Brad and Sienna left together in an unknown direction – in any case,
so say the witnesses. This information appeared in the publication New York Post. Curiously, neither pitt, nor
Miller has not denied this story.

By the way,
rumours about Sienna flirting with brad first began to spread two years
ago, when pitt was still a husband of Angelina Jolie. But then Miller had made a point of
to make a statement: she said that between her and Pete would have been no
nothing personal — just a working relationship, as she played in the film, where
Brad was Executive producer.

Fans of brad already
managed to comment on in this story. Most of them believe that
Pitt, who is one of the feelings about their divorce process much
thin, it is time to “switch” and make a new friend. And even if
his flirtation with Miller was just a episode
and will have to continue, it makes sense to begin the novel with some
another beauty.