Brad pitt was suspected of domestic violence against Jolie

Брэда Питта заподозрили в домашнем насилии над Джоли
There has been a new twist in the police investigation of the scandal in a stellar family.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


The competent authorities took
the decision to expand the investigation into brad pitt. If earlier it was
only about his relationship with the kids, especially 15-year-old Maddox, conflict
which broke out on Board the plane flying from France to USA, now, as it became known, guards collect information about how brad treated his wife. About
it reported the Internet-the edition

According to available information,
Pitt in the heat of quarrels supposedly not allowed
yourself to insult angelina Jolie in front of the kids. While the accusations against the actor is not extended, is interviewing witnesses. This time it was decided to have a talk
not only with Jolie and the kids, but babysitters, as well as with other assistants
the star of the family.

As for the plan of action, temporary
the agreement, which was concluded between the divorcing spouses concerning the children
(his term expired on October 20), has been extended indefinitely. That is, Jolie is the sole
the guardian of all six biological and adopted children. And pitt will be as
before, occasionally to see the children under supervision
psychologist-consultant. As previously reported, over the last 5 weeks (from the date of submission of the request for divorce) to brad was given the opportunity to communicate with siblings only twice.