Brad pitt was shocked by his heartless behavior

Брэд Питт шокировал своим бессердечным поведением
The actor said goodbye to my own grandmother.

Brad Pitt


Fans of the 53-year-old brad pitt in shock. They have learned that recently
my grandmother died of actor, which has long and vainly begged her grandson to visit. But Brad
never showed up, even in order to say goodbye to her.

95-year-old Betty Russell, the grandmother of the actor on his father’s side
line, to the end, kept a cool head. And it is not just
told my sisters, who constantly visited her that really missed
grandson. But he not only came, but never called or wrote. Betty had not seen
Pitt nearly a decade.

As told by the aunt of the actor — Mary Ann brad came in
last time in Oklahoma
where he lived with his grandmother in 2008. It happened shortly before appearing on
light twins Knox and Vivienne, who soon gave birth to Angelina Jolie. Meanwhile Betty, according to the testimony of Mary,
constantly thought about pitt. “He’s probably really busy, so not
comes”, I justified old grandson.

But the saddest thing about this story is the conditions in which
Betty lived the last years. A few years ago when her health
deteriorated, she was placed in a nursing Home. But it was not so elite
institution. The inspection, conducted here last year check, made
the verdict: living conditions and patient care significantly
below average. And here the grandmother of the multimillionaire pitt finished his