Брэд Питт посетил вечеринку в честь дня рождения Лины Данэм

On Monday, the star of the TV series “Girls” Lena Dunham celebrated his birthday at a private charity party. One of the guests was brad pitt, fellow stars in the film “Once in Hollywood”.

Брэд Питт посетил вечеринку в честь дня рождения Лины Данэм

About the unexpected guest actress fans found out via her instagram: the star shared photos, one of which the Lin embraces Hollywood handsome. Judging by the hugs, colleagues, close and warm attitude to him. The stars met on the set of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood” where brad pitt played cliff booth, and Lena — Gypsy.

In addition to joint work on films actors relates to the love of charity. Party Dunham was difficult, and charity, which attracted pitt. Instead of the customary music and dance Lina organized the collection of funds in U.S. the organization Friendly House, which helps women.

The charitable organization uses the funds to help women who are trying to cope with the dependencies. “On this difficult path I know first hand and are well aware that to pass it you can only love and support. This was the cause of the Foundation scholarship Fund for women who are trying to recover, but no material support”.

Photos from the event, the actress added volume letter: “I have always believed that there is something unworthy in how a grown man clinging to his birthday, until I realized that just envy the confidence with which people say “This is my day, my friends!” I always thought that I patch it before other his guilt and that the best thing I can do on my birthday is to be as unobtrusive as possible. But this year is different, this year I’m… happy… And I decided to organize last week’s party in the form of a fundraiser… Thanks to everyone who came to support me. Thank you for the congratulations. And a special thank you to those who donated funds”.

We will remind, Lin long suffering from endometriosis, so understands many of the women suffering from various ailments. Is a gynecological condition in which cells of the inner layer of the uterus grow outside of it. In 2017 they removed her uterus. Yesterday Lina again found himself in the hospital, where she removed the left ovary.

Remove ovary I had, because it was discovered a fibroid tumor. About news Dunham said in instagram, where he shared a photo from his hospital bed. “The tumor had grown and was beginning to put pressure on the intestines and the nerves that influenced the process of urination. I felt very bad and was more like a burrito than a man”.

In any situation Dunham is looking for a positive. Even the fact that she has medical insurance — a big feast for an actress. Now Lena will have to very carefully take care of their health. “It’s unstable. But now I’m very happy because thanks to the operation I had a new belly button, and very glad I have health insurance — it’s so weird that the ability to provide health care in our country is a privilege, which is not at all. And I have a new mission — to protect all women who have been through various surgeries, to give them hope and confidence.”

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