Brad pitt spent father’s Day with children

Бред Питт провёл День отца с детьми

Still the lawful wife of Hollywood actor Brad pitt Angelina Jolie made it a truly Royal gift for father’s Day, which was celebrated yesterday around the world. The man, who had the full opportunity to see six of his children since September of last year, spent the whole day with them.

We will remind that 42-year-old Angelina filed for divorce in September 2016, saying that her 53-year-old spouse is too aggressive with their six children. Even the FBI began to investigate allegations of celebrity, but confirmation she said they never found.
Filing for divorce, Angie moved with her children away from her husband and allowed them to see each other only on her terms. Delirium had to go through several courses of therapy, but also regularly donate blood for alcohol and drugs. Brad was willing to do anything to see their children at least occasionally, and agreed to the conditions put forward by the wife.
A few months ago, pitt made a shocking confession: he really abused alcohol, but for the sake of the family and children he is ready to change and forget about the harmful habit. According to insiders, his public confession touched angelina, and she allegedly even ready to go meet him, but rush is not going to ice their friendship is still too thin. But yesterday’s resolution Jolie to arrange Delirious real father’s Day many took as a great sign for their future reunion.
Fifteen-year-old Maddox, thirteen, pax, Zahara twelve year old, eleven-year-old Shiloh and eight-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox arrived yesterday to my father in Los Angeles, let the meeting took place in the presence of social workers, Brad was just happy.
It is reported that soon Angelina will take her children in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, the homeland of their Brad and daughter Zahara, so a new meeting with his father will not happen soon.