Brad pitt shocked the audience of its thinness

Бред Питт шокировал публику своей худобой

Hollywood actor Brad pitt a few hours ago was spotted by paparazzi at the Los Angeles Studio of her friend sculptor Thomas Houseago who helps him in his art therapy (art artist found his solace from the divorce with his wife Angelina Jolie). 53-year-old pitt seemed to the reporters too skinny and emaciated.

In the cotton shirt and jeans Nonsense seems to be just fading away. But in January 2017, at the ceremony of the Golden Globe he seemed, although tired, but it is in the usual weight. In recent months, pitt skinny, but insiders claim that it is not only the hassle associated with divorce and the inability to see the children.
“Brad took himself in hand and began to follow the right diet, a lot of exercise,” say insiders.
Recall that recently appeared in the media information about the alleged beginning of the novel, Delirium and Sienna Miller, but the actress personally denied everything, saying that pitt neither barely knew him and was seen briefly only twice in my life, so the news about their affair – “complete nonsense”.