Брэд Питт заявил, что Джоли не заботится о детях

Rarely it happens that spouses in a divorce do not have each other no complaints. Not passed this fate couple Angelina Jolie and brad pitt. This Hollywood couple has embarked on a real warpath, where are not averse to using any means that can bring a state of balance of the opponent.

For example, brad allowed himself to call angelina a bad mother due to the fact that she is not concerned about the safety and privacy of their children: “Angelina persistently violates even the basic rules of behaviour in court over the custody of children. She’s got no brakes! She is ready to give kids at the mercy of greedy for sensation journalists and fans: for example, Angelina does not hide the names of therapists who work with our children”, — says the official address of the actor to the press.

How this statement will affect the change in the current situation, we learn later. Meanwhile, recall that Jolie leads a much more serious war than pitt. At the beginning of the divorce process, Angie said that her pious alcoholic who can raise his hand to his household. Also, the actress demanded that brad a few times a month took a test for alcohol and drugs.

Against his father decided to go and eldest son Maddox. The guy threatened to release the video defaming pitt.