Brad pitt reconciled with his eldest son

Брэд Питт помирился со своим старшим сыном
Maddox spoke with his father until morning.

As reported overseas
edition of In Touch Weelky, brad pitt made up,
finally, with his eldest son Maddox. According to the information received
edition from one of buddies, brad, it happened during a recent visit
Maddox brothers and sisters in the father’s house.

For the last time in
pitt’s relationship with Angelina Jolie, with whom he is currently getting a divorce happened
significant warming. It resulted, in particular, the fact that Angelina
allowed brad to see the children not only in neutral territory, as it
it was until recently, but in his house in Los Feliz. And the next step Jolie
was permission for the children to spend the night in the mansion of the actor.

It is reported that all six of fun
had supper together, and pitt has ensured that he hired the chef
prepared for each of their favorite dishes. And then when the youngest went to bed
Brad and Maddox had a long conversation, in which they managed
to restore mutual understanding. But a few months ago, Maddox
said that does not want to see pitt…

Recall that their conflict
happened last September in a private jet, when families with children returning from
France to America. What began the quarrel brad and Angelina are not exactly
you know, but as you say, Maddox decided to stand up for the mother, which led to
the conflict with Pete. Initially it was reported that brad either struck, or roughly
pushed the young man. But
investigating the case the police came to the conclusion that brad did not do anything
illegal. However, for a long time after the fight on the Maddox not
wanted to talk to Pete. But now, hopefully, they are completely made up.