Brad pitt pleaded guilty to treason

Брэд Питт признал вину в измене
The actor took 12 years to make a difficult decision.

Brad Pitt


As it became
you know, brad pitt has finally apologized
before his first wife Jennifer aniston for being first cheated on her, and
then dumped her for Angilina Jolie. Aniston,
which this year marks 48 years, waiting for his apology for 12 years.

According to
celebrity biographer Ian Halperin, author of books on pitt and his marriage, brad, who is currently completing the course of treatment from alcoholism, “suggests
order in his life”, felt it necessary to apologize to Jennifer, spouse of which
he was from 2000 until 2005. Brad
repented that was for aniston, not a good husband and caused her so much

In 2005,
when during one of the interview, Jennifer was asked what she thinks about
the fact that Jolie got pregnant so fast from her ex-husband, aniston burst into tears and for a long time
were silent, not finding the strength to answer. As it turned out, during your
marriage pitt, Jennifer tried in vain to give birth to brad’s child. Alas, her attempts
ended in two miscarriages in 2003 and 2004.

By the way,
the first time pitt blamed the collapse of the marriage, namely Jennifer, blaming her for the fact that
she was too much engaged in his career. And set her the example of Jolie,
who found time to film, and in order to deal with the kids. However
some time ago brad admitted in an interview with a popular glossy
the publication that at the time when he was married to aniston, it’s almost all free from
time “sat on the sofa, puffing on a weed.” And ready now
to admit his guilt in the collapse of both the first and second of their marriage.

Halperin says, received his information from one of the friends
Jennifer (who currently lives with her second husband — Justin Theroux),
the actress took pitt’s apology. However
Jolie, which left her brad, aniston while not ready to forgive.