Брэд Питт возмущен поведением  Анджелины Джоли
The actor believes that she is manipulating the feelings of the public.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


An interview a few days ago, Angelina Jolie arrived in Cambodia at the premiere of her movie “First they killed my
father,” provoked outrage brad pitt. In any case, so says
one of the friends of the actor have shared the information with the Internet site Hollywood.com.

The fact that the interview Angelina
the correspondent of the BBC was extremely
emotional. First, the actress is not going to like to share
feelings about the divorce, saying he did not wish to talk about it
a lot. But then I burst into tears and cry yourself to sleep throughout the part of its
the speech, which dealt with divorce. “It’s very hard… My family is going through
very difficult times,” said Jolie barely holding back sobs. “Of course, I understand that many people find themselves in a similar
situation… Hopefully, we’ll survive, and maybe will be from this
stronger,” continued the actress.

Many of her words touched. However, pitt as
say, were infuriated. He felt that his behavior Angelina
trying to evoke the sympathy and present themselves as the innocent victim, the Martyr! Meanwhile, in the history of the divorce, Jolie and pitt were targeted in just his
reputation. After all, Angelina accused him that he used physical force
in relation to children. Subsequently, the police investigating the alleged
took place the incident on Board the aircraft on which the family of actors was flying from
France in the United States, declared the innocence pitt. But the bad feeling from this
the history still remains… and is what brad experienced after the announcement of
divorce is a serious stress associated with
the fact that he was not long allowed to see the children, and then allowed, but only in the presence of the therapist.

And now, when the conflict
Pitt with Jolie is close to settlement, and his chances of getting joint custody
over children has increased significantly, Angelina gave, in his words, “the view”!
Looks like she’s trying to get public opinion to lean in her
benefit and to achieve a favourable outcome.