Brad pitt met his 53rd birthday alone

Брэд Питт встретил 53-летие в одиночестве

The number of holidays that brad pitt is celebrating without their children increases. Thanksgiving actor spent away from their once happy family. Also happening today, when pitt turns 53-I.

Informants told reporters that the day of birth for brad was a sad occasion. And all because of Angelina Jolie, which has not ensured that children had the opportunity to congratulate their father.

Note that since the announcement of the divorce couples with children, pitt has only met three times. Ex-girlfriend doing everything to prevent their contact and the specialist dealing with the resolution of this issue, for some reason, always stands on the side of the mother. It is known that brad requested permission to visit, he received a hard failure. Meaning it was down to the fact that he sees the children when the specialist deems it necessary, not when it wants pitt.

We will remind, some time ago, Jolie demanded that pitt were tested for the presence of blood alcohol and banned drugs a few times a month. Apparently, Angelina is still trying to convince everyone that brad may behave inappropriately, abused, laying hands on people.