Brad pitt may win the battle for custody of the children

Брэд Питт может добиться своего в битве за опеку над детьми

Between brad pitt and Angelina Jolie are fighting for children. Many human rights activists say that in this situation, when the actress accused her blessed in drunkenness and assault, it would be very difficult to defend their right not only to educate, but also to see the children. But pitt’s lawyers are more optimistic.

The lawyers say that they have a real chance to achieve the most favourable for brad the outcome of a court battle for custody of his children. Based on what such conclusions of human rights defenders, they do not say. However, if everything will happen as the lawyers say, pitt will have joint and equal child custody. Such an outcome is he considers ideal.

We will remind, not so long ago brad insisted to make court proceedings concerning their family in private. For a long time, Jolie did not concessions Pitta, but eventually agreed when he argued that his claim of a desire to protect children. By the way, after the meeting was closed, the court became more sympathetic to brad.

As for pitt, he is currently in anticipation of a favorable outcome of the process started a repair in the mansion, where prior to the divorce lived his once happy family.

Earlier, the actor got rid of things belonging to Share.