Брэд Питт произвел фурор на вручении премии «Золотой глобус» At the ceremony, held in Beverly hills, the actor presented the picture “Moonlight”. She won the award in the category “Best dramatic film of the year”. Himself, pitt gathered a storm of applause, as the audience too have not seen him at social events of this magnitude.

      In the night from Sunday to Monday in Beverly hills took place 74-I ceremony of delivery of “Gold globes”. As is commonly believed, paintings that have received this award, may qualify for February’s “Oscars”.

      This time, viewers who watched the live broadcast of the ceremony, expect many surprises. A real storm of applause gathered brad pitt, who appeared on stage to present a picture of “Moonlight”. The famous actor has acted as producer of the films. The novelty was named the best dramatic film of the year. Drama consists of three parts and tells about the period of life of an African American Chiron: his childhood, adolescence and adult years.

      Social media users immediately began to congratulate pitt. The female part of the audience noted that the Hollywood actor is still good and looks very impressive in his tuxedo. “You’re handsome, I missed you”, “I’m ready to be a stepmother to your children! Cool like in 1992”, “it is not Surprising, but brad pitt looks better than ever,” wrote in the comments to pictures of the actor.

      A true leader in the number of awards was the musical “La La land”. The main characters of this picture of Emma stone and Ryan Gosling received the awards for best female and male roles in the films of this genre. Another film that received critical acclaim, was the drama “It”, where the wonderfully played Isabelle Huppert.

      The winner of several Golden globes viola Davis won another award for her supporting role in the film “the Fence”.

      Many celebrities have shared in microblogs photos of events and parties InStyle, which followed the official part. Reese Witherspoon appeared at the ceremony in a bright yellow bustier dress. The same shade of the outfit chosen by the actress Natalie Portman, which came to a massive film with her husband Benjamin Millepied. Apparently, the marriage between the couple once again peace and understanding. Dress successfully concealed the pregnancy of the stars. Soon Natalie will give her beloved husband a second child. French suffering: why Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman are ready to get away from husbands