Brad pitt leaves Hollywood

Брэд Питт покидает Голливуд
The actor has gained in the face of Neri Oxman, “the perfect mate”.

Brad Pitt


As it became
you know, brad pitt, who is close to completing the divorce process with Angelina Jolie in the foreseeable future intends to finish his acting
career and concentrate on my Hobbies — architecture and design. About this plan
Pitt told one of his friends, and he is the reporter of the popular edition of Woman’s Day Australia.

Of course,
to carry out his plan, brad will not in the near future. It’s already
very soon he will have to work on the set of new film
Quentin Tarantino — “Once in Hollywood”, where one of the main roles plays
another celebrity of the first magnitude— Leonardo DiCaprio. And after that he will go
the shooting of the sequel to the popular sci-Fi movie “the War Z”.
But about the future plans of brad in the movie is not known yet, and it
quite unusual for pitt, whose timetable is usually scheduled for several years
forward. That too is an indirect confirmation of the intentions of the brad to finish
film career.

But if pitt
will carry out the intention, of course he will not sit idle. Brad wants
to devote his time to design and architectural projects. And in this he
to help his new friend — 42-year-old Neri Oxman, architect, Professor
Massachusetts Institute Of Technology. About the relationship
Pitt and Oxman became known recently, although, as it turned out, they
met and began Dating
last fall, when brad arrived in Cambridge (Massachusetts) for advice
on his new architectural project. However, it is a business relationship with Oxman
quickly into a novel. That, however, is not surprising. Because Neri is not only a professional
upper-class and intellectual, she has a spectacular appearance and a very
charming. And, as told by the friend of pitt, in the face of Oxman, brad has found just such a friend
which was the dream.

buddy pitt, Neri for some time
ago handed brad the keys to his apartment, from which he had seen
leaving in the morning. And after brad finishes his business in Hollywood, he
can move to the city where he lives and works Oxman.