Бред Питт инвестирует миллиард долларов в развитие хорватского городка

Just a day from your busy schedule spent Hollywood actor Brad pittto make investments in the development of the Croatian resort town on the Adriatic sea.

Бред Питт инвестирует миллиард долларов в развитие хорватского городка
On arrival at Zadar airport, 52-year-old actor took a short cruise on a yacht along the coast to enjoy the beauty and to ensure that the investment is worth it. Fifty miles of coast between Biograd and Sibenik will soon have to turn into a prestigious resort town.

The next morning Brad, as a true Christian, attended the service at the Cathedral of St. James, after which together with other investors and organizers of the investment project went to see where leave his money. The company was world-renowned architect Nikola basic, created in his time “On the sea” — structure such as a harmonica, which produces sounds due to the resonance of the pipes running along the coast of the sea under large marble steps.

The basic have to develop most of the urban facilities, including hotels, shops, villas, kindergartens, schools and much more. In town on a regular basis will be home to about 2,500 people who will be involved in servicing tourists. The total development cost is estimated at $ 1.5 billion.
The first time Brad came to Dalmatia a region about 30 years ago, when starred in the film “the Dark side of the Sun” in 1988, and in 2011 there was resting his wife Angelina Jolie with children.