Brad pitt is happy to spend the holidays with his children: he “values” of such moments

Брэд Питт рад провести отпуск со своими детьми: он «дорожит» такими моментами

Брэд Питт рад провести отпуск со своими детьми: он «дорожит» такими моментами

Although brad pitt recently photographed with his children, he is looking forward to quality time with them during the holidays — like any loving dad.

56-year-old brad pitt, maybe busy with his movie career — but he’s still doting dad! “Brad is busy preparing for the awards season and looking forward to it, but he is very interested in how to relax during the holiday season and to see their children,” says a source close to the actor, referring to his recent work, nominated for a Golden globe Once in Hollywood. “He’ll do it personally, since he, like all great dad, loves these moments — and this is no exception. He just wants to be happy this holiday season, he will be happy to spend time with them. He is looking forward to a normal good vacation there without any drama.”

Брэд Питт рад провести отпуск со своими детьми: он «дорожит» такими моментами
Brad and Angelina Jolie, of course, required to decide how to spend the holidays with their children Maddox, 18 years old, Paxam, 15 years, Saharai, 14 years old, Shilo, 13, and twins Vivienne and Knox, 11. The plans for this year, of course, vary with the plans in 2017, when the pair made joint family plans: Angelina wanted to take the family abroad on vacation, and brad wanted them all along took a vacation to Los Angeles. Last year brad and Angelina were able to come together and spend Christmas together in a single family — that we can only imagine how happy were their children!

Although both parents seem determined to maintain a United front — even signing a private agreement on custody in November 2018 — brad seems to have a strained relationship with Maddox. 18-year-old boy recently for the first time left home to study at the prestigious South Korean University of Yonsei in Seoul, and Angelina has even been seen in school to help him accomplish this challenging move. “He’s leaving today, and I’m trying not to cry,” said Oscar winner in a touching video in August, filmed by another student. Meanwhile, brad was not present in the area, and reportedly felt that, unfortunately, “not allowed” in the life of Maddox in College. As we previously reported, brad is proud of Maddox — who is studying biochemistry and wants him and all his children had the most normal upbringing possible.

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