Brad pitt is Dating the granddaughter of Princess grace Kelly.

Брэд Питт встречается с внучкой принцессы Грэйс Келли!
Actor bust out my new friend.

Брэд Питт встречается с внучкой принцессы Грэйс Келли!

Brad Pitt


Monaco Princess Charlotte


Brad pitt’s fans are amazed: as reported by the Australian edition of New Ideа, 52-year-old actor,
which since last fall to get a divorce from Angelina Jolie, appeared in public with
his new girlfriend and Monaco Princess Charlotte. They came together on
charity event LACMA Art Gala in Los Angeles. The whole evening Ritt and Charlotte was just
inseparable: they do not leave each other, laughed and flirted openly. Though
Princess much younger than brad, and she is only 31 years old, as witnessed guests
events, together they looked great. After recovering from the shock,
caused by the divorce with Jolie, pitt, fit and younger.

Allegedly, pitt and Charlotte secretly
‘ve been Dating for about a month, but in the light they came out the first time. The actor and
Princess has a lot in common: both do a lot of charity work, besides, he had, and she has children from previous partners. At pitt — six
biological and adopted children from Jolie. And Charlotte — the son of her former
partner, actor Gad Elmaleh.
With him the Princess met since 2011, and they parted in 2015.

Charlotte daughter of Princess Caroline, sister of the ruling in Monaco monarch Prince albert. The legendary Princess grace Kelly, Hollywood actress
married father of albert, Prince Rainier of Monaco, she has a granddaughter. Yet
the official representatives of pitt and Charlotte did not comment
the information that appeared. As for how serious the relationship
Princess and actor, it will show the time.