Брэд Питт отдохнул в компании моделей
The husband of Angelina Jolie “off” in the absence of his wife.

Brad pitt in the company of models

Photo: Instagram.com

Brad pitt gave another
rumors that his marriage with Angelina Jolie came to an end. In the last
time the actor not only goes out with his wife, but also regularly happens
seen in the company of different women. This time the actor, who was invited to the California motorcycle show, relaxed in the company of present models.

Judging by the pictures, brad had a good time. Walking on site with a glass of beer in his hand and, according to
eyewitnesses, were flirting with the voluptuous models. Were photographed in
the arms of beauties and looked absolutely happy. However, it is possible,
visitors show a slightly exaggerated what he saw, and pitt was just trying to be
friendly with fans. However, many fans have regarded his behavior as direct evidence: the relationship of brad and
Jolie seriously deteriorated. Moreover, the Angelina, which is now turned to a political career, refused to comment on personal life. Rumors about problems in the family accompany
it almost from the first day of romance with pitt, but she regularly
denied them, assuring others that between them there is love. And only since the autumn of last year, Angelina admitted that in their family, as in any other, quarrel frequent phenomenon.

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