Brad pitt in baggy clothes took for grandpa

Бреда Питта в мешковатой одежде приняли за дедушку

Hollywood actor pitt Delirium urgently needs to do its wardrobe, and then skinny from personal problems husband of Angelina Jolie in clothes larger than he expected, looks like a gaunt old man. Yesterday the actor appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, and for this event chose baggy brown pants and a shirt in a cage, which looked more like an elderly Benjamin Button, and not sexy at Mr Smith.

“He bought these things at a yard sale, or borrowed from your grandfather?.. Divorce he was very old.. He had to gain weight or to replace the closet” — the reaction of the Network users.
Celebrity stylist Jose Rodriguez in an interview with the Daily News also threw in his two cents, noting that the fashion for baggy outfits in the past, and in General a pitt shirt with his pants not combined. This outfit could be considered a failed experiment of fashionable Nonsense, if slightly after the filming of Nonsense has not appeared in public in black pants, which are also prohibitively large.