Brad pitt has promised to deal with Harvey Weinstein

Брэд Питт пообещал расправится с Харви Вайнштейном

Not only the girls knew about the harassment of producer Harvey Weinstein, but brad Pittbull aware of the proposals to be intimate with actress Gwyneth Paltrow with which I was Dating. Then aspiring actress confessed to her boyfriend that the producer offered her intimacy, which he couldn’t remain silent. On the red carpet during the premiere of the film, he approached the producer and said that if this happens again, then he will deal with it on your own.

22 years ago Gwyneth Paltrow are just beginning your path to becoming an actress through the project, Weinstein. He decided to invite her to the hotel room, where he began to grab the girl’s hand and offer her intimacy. scared, Paltrow spoke about the incident to the boyfriend, who is madly angry. Weinstein immediately called the actress and yelled at her due to the fact that she told about the incident, pitt. “He literally yelled at me. It was awful,” recalls Gwyneth. The girl was afraid to lose important to her role in the film “Emma” which worked together with Harvey.

The New York Times contacted the actor he confirmed the situation. He admitted that such an act could cost him his career. The action took place in 1994, when pitt was not popular and was just starting his career. This behavior could lead to consequences.

But not one former pitt suffered from the harassment of the producer. Angelina Jolie also admitted that he offered her intimacy. He acted on a proven scheme, invited the actress to go to the hotel room, which offered intimacy. Jolie had to fend for themselves, because she has not met Brad pitt.