Brad pitt had an accident

Брэд Питт попал в аварию
The actor was the culprit.

Brad Pitt


Brad pitt provoked
an accident on a street in Los Feliz is located North of Los Angeles.
54-year-old actor, whose mansion is in this neighborhood, went about his business. Mused,
he forgot about the respect necessary to keep a distance, causing his
dark gray Tesla entered
in the trunk EN route to him the Nissan Altima. And that, in turn, crashed into the Kia Soul, going the first in the line of three

Fortunately, this
the incident no one was seriously hurt, and the damage to all three
car was not too significant. In any case, all three
cars were able to leave the scene of an accident. However, before they left
the scene of the accident, pitt came out of the car, apologized to the two other drivers and
told them the information needed to get them monetary compensation. After learning of the actor, both victims were struck –
it’s not every day meet face to face with a star. Besides, pitt
were so sweet and friendly that they both seem to have forgotten about caused to them
the damage before he left the scene of the accident.

As for the pitt,
which was, as shown by the pictures taken at the accident scene, beautiful
mood. In other matters, brad, there is an obvious reason to feel
himself satisfied. As it became known, the court allowed the divorcing spouses
Pitt and Jolie to continue the settlement of the termination of their marriage
behind closed doors — without the public and the press. It is reported that currently
attorneys brad and Angelina are trying to agree on the division of property.

Although earlier it was reported that
Pitt and Angelina got a marriage contract, it turned out that it covers not all of them
property. Besides, between husband and wife revealed a disagreement about how,
how to deal with joint property. So pitt, according to reports, wanted
to keep the castle in France, and on the surrounding vineyards to establish
mass production of special wines. Jolie insists on selling
the ownership and transfer of the proceeds to charity. Similar
the situation around unique collections of furniture from the early 20th century, owned
married couple. Brad would like to save it, and Angelina to sell. But the main
the issue on which to reach agreement, remains
question about custody of their six biological and adopted children. However, as
say, in this direction there has been marked progress. Jolie, who
initially insisted on his sole custody, is now inclined to
compromise. This means that pitt may have what you dreamed –
joint custody of their “children”.