Брэд Питт обзавелся новой девушкой

Shooting in the sensational film “Once in Hollywood” brought brad pitt is not only a new surge of fame, but also romantic relationship. Rumor has it, it was here that he met the new girl actress Samantha Robinson.

Брэд Питт обзавелся новой девушкой

Cool composition, the legendary Director, rave reviews from critics and a 6-minute standing ovation in Cannes — is already a serious argument to see the new Tarantino film “Once in Hollywood”. But if that’s not enough, an additional incentive for the girls will be that there appeared a new girl brad pitt. At least, so says the American edition of “Woman’s Day”. Don’t you just wonder who, after Jolie was able to win the heart of the main sex symbol of Hollywood?

The girl’s name is Samantha Robinson and she played a cameo role in the mentioned movie. Now the actress is 27 years old (for a moment, pitt for 55 years!).

According to insiders, during the filming between pitt and Samantha flashed a spark that is hard to miss.

— Between them there was an undeniable connection. Everyone said that it would be very strange if brad and Samantha at least once went on a date, added the insider.

He also drew attention to the similarities between Jolie and the new girlfriend of the actor:

— It is very similar to angelina, so clearly it is absolutely his type. They enjoy each other’s company, after all, spent a lot of time together on the set and outside, says an insider.

Really, between Samantha and Angelina have similar expressive cheekbones, the thinness and long thick dark hair.


However, in the film at pitt and Samantha did not have joint scenes. At that time, as he plays a major role, Robinson appears on the screen only sporadically, playing the role of Abigail Folger.

News about a new novel by brad pitt travels fast in the world of show business, but he is brad pitt while no announcement has been made.

At the same time, rumor has it that actor and Samantha Robinson has managed to secretly go on a few dates.

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