Brad pitt found a cure for your broken heart

Брэд Питт нашел «лекарство» для своего разбитого сердца
The actor is forced to deal with separation from children.

Brad Pitt


Brad pitt hard crash your
marriage to Angelina Jolie that led to the separation of the actor with the children. During this time, according to his friends, he
lost in the nervous system more than 5 pounds. Long time brad was
very depressed, but now, finally, beginning to slowly
out of a prolonged depression. This was announced by the publication

To help pitt to restore the lost mental balance managed
his friend, the sculptor Thomas Houseago. Under his leadership, brad began working with
clay, which is considered one of the best ways to “art therapy”. The assurances
psychologists, this occupation allows you to concentrate on creativity and to escape from
negative thoughts. Pitt not only sculpts the figure, but also seriously interested in
Potter’s wheel, making vases and other ceramic products private
design. Brad arrives at the Los Angeles Studio of Thomas almost every night and
stays there late.

Meanwhile, the situation with the divorce still
remains uncertain. Negotiations
between the attorneys for the parties were at the time frozen, as Jolie
went with the kids in a long journey across the ocean. She flew with them first
Cambodia, and then to Europe, where he visited Brussels and London. Go
persistent rumors that Angelina is fighting for sole custody of the children because he wants to take his children permanently in Britain. This would be so much harder if pitt can achieve joint custody. Yet
the chances of brad’s success do not look too encouraging. However, perhaps
the situation has changed. After all, pitt still managed to win in this
when he was allowed to see the children without the presence
a psychologist appointed by the court.