Brad pitt for the first time appeared in public after the news about the new novel with Neri Oxman

Брэд Питт впервые появился на публике после новостей о новом романе с Нери Оксман

Brad pitt simply shines with happiness at a baseball game, which was attended by the tenth day. Fans couldn’t ignore the photos of the event on which the 54-year-old actor lights up with happiness, and suggested that the culprit gorgeous sentiment has become a new passion pitt — 42-year-old artist, designer, architect and Professor at the University of Massachusetts, Neri Oxman.

Брэд Питт впервые появился на публике после новостей о новом романе с Нери Оксман

Miss the game, the actor just couldn’t, after all, came on the pitch for his favorite team — “Oakland” (Oakland Athletics), who had a match with “Los Angeles Dodgers” (Los Angeles Dodgers). With the first team of the actor have much in common: he’s not only long been a fan of them, but even played in the biographical drama “moneyball,” Bennett Miller actor played the role of General Manager Billy Beane.

Such a joyful and happy after divorcing Angelina Jolie the actor was not seen, so the public and have linked such changes with new passion pitt.

Recently, insiders said that brad pitt is very interested in 42-year-old Neri Oxman, with which also communicates a love for architecture. The famous actor is interested in a woman and began courting her last year, when his divorce was in full swing. In November 2017 pitt visits Oxman on one of his lectures at Massachusetts Institute of technology. This was confirmed by pictures of the students with the star, which was done right after class. “It’s brilliant and simply gorgeous,” admired Neri for her students.

The lack of professional education has not prevented the actor to do what you love — architecture. Pitt just loves it, and United it with Oxman. They spend a lot of time together and talking about architecture. Even their acquaintance took place while working on an architectural project. However, insiders close to the actor have reported that romantic relationship between them. Couple tie only friendship and love to the architectural case. According to them, pitt “interested in hanging out with her as much time as possible”.

Neri Oxman is not easy and knows how to interest a man. She considers herself a founder of Materialecology, an interdisciplinary initiative expanding the boundaries of materials science. In her works she combines the biological realities and possibilities of design, combining between computer technology and even matters of life and death. For example, one of her projects was a series of masks that have been created posthumously, in collaboration with Stratasys (3D printing). The transition from life to death very interested in architect.