Brad pitt first met with children from the beginning of the divorce process

Брэд Питт впервые встретился с детьми с начала бракоразводного процесса

The suffering of the children missing father, and the pursuit of Brad pitt to make concessions for the sake of meeting them, undermines the confidence of Jolie that makes their marriage. Western media reported that for the first time since announcing Angelina ‘s divorce, her husband vstretilsya with children.

“Brad was finally able to see their children have a bit of fun with them,” said a source close to the Hollywood actor.
Recall that the divorce was a shock not only for fans of the couple and close friends, but also for the pitt. Insiders tell that Brad was in a great stress – wife repeatedly threatened him with divorce process, but before that never came, and now he suddenly lost his family.
Angelina took the kids and moved them first in a rented house in Malibu, and recently – closed town of hidden hills. Jolie pitt was forbidden to communicate with children and demanded sole custody, claiming that Brad abused alcohol and drugs and the whole family suffered from his outbursts of uncontrolled anger.
To be able to see the children, Breda had to agree to nekoexmachina and agree on a course of family therapy, but still to court, they will live with Angelina. I hope Angie will come to their senses and will not bring it started to end.