Brad pitt close to victory in the battle for child custody

Брэд Питт близок к победе в битве за опеку над детьми
In the course of the trial there has been a new twist.

Brad Pitt


As noted by brad pitt’s fans, during their
the last public appearance he looked much more cheerful and happy than at the beginning of the divorce process.
As it turned out, the actor has quite a serious reason. According to
his lawyers, at pitt has a real chance to achieve the
favourable outcome of the legal battle for custody of his children. About it
according to the Internet website of The Sun.

Brad from the
beginning insisted on the joint with Jolie custody of six biological and adopted children.
Such an outcome is he considers ideal. And, unlike Angelina, never spoke
that seeks sole custody. But she did
best to limit communication pitt with children with rare visits. She’s not even allowed him to spend with children nor Christmas, nor New year…

Positive developments in the course of the trial
there has been since, as lawyers brad managed to convince Jolie to do
the trial closed. Even before it became apparent that the judge is more favorable to pitt than angelina. And this, according to the lawyers of the actor, her
wine: the constant attempts to denigrate Jolie and pitt to imagine how bad of a father
led to the opposite result. The “sins” of brad she failed to prove that
as his own reputation suffered.

As for pitt, he is currently in
anticipation of a favorable outcome of the process started
repair the mansion, where prior to the divorce lived his once happy
family. It is in this house, as brad hopes, at the end
the court, he can spend time with their children — Maddox, Paxom with Tien,
Saharai, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne.