Брэд Питт отметил 53-летие в полном одиночестве

The ex-wife of actor Angelina Jolie, think again banned children from seeing my father…

As they say close to pitt sources, yesterday, on December 18, he was home alone. And the reason for this, of course, was his ex-wife Angelina Jolie. At first she did everything that he rarely socialized with friends and relatives, and now alienated brad from children.

Yeah. Probably, such scenario of events the actor could see only in nightmares…

On the divorce of Brangelina, we will remind, it became known on 15 September this year, when Jolie filed for divorce from pitt after 10 years of marriage. Since then the actor has seen the children three times. And in the presence of a psychologist and expert. The first time he tried to fight for custody of daughters and sons, but then I realized that it was useless. Lawyer Angie warned that if brad will give testimony against the former, it is waiting for a real war in which course he will lose. Read more HERE.

Consolation pitt found in the work. The last few months all the time he spends on set, and recently said he was willing to take for multiple projects. Moreover, to be competitive in the market of show business, the actor has decided on cosmetic surgery.

“Brad has already done injectable fillers, Botox injections and peels, plus he spent blepharoplasty. He feels dead inside and this is why the outside needs to look like a million dollars,” writes the journal The National Enquirer. Read more at the link.