Brad pitt celebrated his 53rd birthday in a sad loneliness

Брэд Питт отметил 53-летие в печальном одиночестве
The actor is afraid that will not see kids at Christmas or New year.

Brad Pitt


Personal holiday brad pitt, who
today celebrates his 53rd birthday, was sad. Instead
to eat birthday cake and celebrate six children and
wife, pitt is sad alone. Worse, Jolie gave brad to understand that
the coming days he will also meet alone. This was announced by the Internet site

Since then, 19 Sep Angelina Jolie filed
with him on the divorce, pitt saw the children only three times. Although in terms of a pair of
the agreement, he is entitled to regular meetings with children in the presence of
psychologist, more than once, when brad asked for permission to visit, he received
a hard failure. The meaning of it was to ensure that he would see the children when
specialist deems it necessary, not when
want pitt. And when brad tried to protest, attorney Jolie — Laura Wasser — directly hinted actor
that’s not in his interests if he would try to change the situation
the divorce process will become a real war, in which pitt is not
you have to wait for mercy.

Thanksgiving, pitt has already met one, but
now he fears that in any of the upcoming holidays too
to see the kids. In General, the situation looks rather strange. After all, as
it was reported, was against pitt started an investigation into what he
allegedly used force against her eldest son, Maddox, was officially
closed because of lack of evidence. That is, it turns out that
Brad is not to blame. Why, then, Jolie has recently stated that all children
still suffering from some they received from pitt trauma
which is so serious that, according to Angelina,
their offspring must undergo a course of treatment at the psychotherapist? And why so afraid
Pitt, if he loves his children enough of a hint to stop
any resistance? Really, Jolie is claimed to do is
against him is so powerful incriminating evidence that the disclosure it may finally
to destroy the reputation of the actor?