Brad pitt caught kissing another woman

Брэда Питта застали за поцелуями с другой женщиной

Posts about insane jealousy of Angelina Jolie in relation to her husband brad pitt in the world’s media appear quite often. Tabloids write that Brangelina ready to file for divorce after almost every film, which starred the actor, due to the fact that he will go for a colleague’s project or a favorite by another member of the crew is female, of course.

Not so long ago we wrote about the fact that Marion Cotillard makes Jolie nervous and always check where and with whom is her husband, but now the reason for the experience angelina tossed another actress.

On the set of “world War Z pitt was spotted making out with Lizzy Caplan.

Judging by the photos, it was just a simple kiss on the cheek, however, it worked like a red rag to a bull and as a result, informants reported that Jolie is preparing to throw her husband new scandal.

How serious is the situation, the informants do not tell. I venture still to assume that Jolie is not stupid enough to ignore the ordinary working time. Not for dinner in the restaurant, pitt and Kaplan were seen, right?

Recall, Jolie topped the ranking of the most respected women in the world.


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