Брэда Питта застали флиртующим с известной актрисой
Actor piques the interest of fans to his personal life.

Брэда Питта застали флиртующим с известной актрисой

Sienna Miller


Brad Pitt


Recently brad pitt, who never complain of the lack of interest in his person, has awakened the particular curiosity of the guests
music festival in Glastonbury.
The fact that the actor openly flirted with the actress Sienna Miller. About it
according to the Internet website mirror.co.uk.

Apparently, brad finally quite
recovered from the stress experienced after last September
years Angelina Jolie has announced her intention to divorce him. As told
recently, a friend of the actor, pitt told him that is almost ready
to try to start Dating again with the girls. And now brad has proven that it is ripe for a new novel.

Witnesses flirting with pitt Miller inadvertently
were the visitors to the party held after the concert in a place called
Rabbit Hole.
As told one of the attending guests there, and brad all night did not depart
from Miller. Moreover, according to the witness, pitt was holding Sienna’s hand, and
something gently whispered in her ear. And then the couple together left the party
and swears the informant of the edition, went together in a rented Miller “home
on wheels” luxury!

by the way, the rumors about the affair with brad Sienna begins to spread already far
for the first time. About the affair with pitt Miller said in 2015, when they
starred in the film “the Lost city of Z”. Then the overseas media wrote that the behavior of brad
made Jolie desperately jealous, and she arranged an endless pitt of scene. And
in April of this year about brad and Sienna started talking again — when they retired
in the far corner of the restaurant, which hosted a Hollywood party. However, the Sienna then denied the rumor of his
affair with pitt, saying that “finds the accusations “foolish and