Brad pitt came out with his girlfriend

Брэд Питт вышел в свет со своей подругой
Hollywood actor first appeared in public after the start of the divorce with Angelina Jolie.

Julia Roberts and brad pitt

Photo: @justjared Instagram

Brad pitt became a virtual recluse ever since, as it became known that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from him. The media kept up the sordid details of the scandalous breakup of a Hollywood couple that forced the actor to miss the scheduled social events and even ignore advertising campaign of the film “Allies” where he starred with Marion Cotillard. Since the end of September overseas, the paparazzi failed to take any pictures of brad.

However, it looks like pitt began gradually to recover and at this time decided on a sortie from the house. The actor came to the private screening produced by his company films “Moonlight” in the company of his longtime girlfriend, Julia Roberts.

I must say that, despite a forced and rehearsed smile Pitta, in General, his appearance has undergone serious changes after the break with Jolie. According to eyewitnesses, brad lost a lot of weight and, in the absence of reporters, looked tired and depressed. However, reasons for fun brad in the near future, it seems, is not expected…

Recently it became known that pitt and Jolie have signed an agreement under which now Angelina is the sole guardian of their children. An agreement between spouses is unlimited and can be changed only at the request of Jolie, told the press, the personal representative of the actress. Pitt will still have the opportunity to see his children, but again only with the consent of the Angelina and in the presence of a psychologist.