Brad pitt buys new house in Los Angeles

Бред Питт покупает новый дом в Лос-Анджелесе

While Angelina Jolie is outfitting a new family nest, which it places its still legal husband Delirious pitt, the last in search of a bachelor apartment, which, moreover, will be his Studio.

As reported by the Western media, for the last time a Hollywood actor has chosen so-called Frogtown (Frogtown), known as the art district Los Angeles – a concentrate of galleries, museums and artists studios.
We all know that Bradesco found solace sculpting sculpture under the guidance of his longtime friend Thomas Houseago. A celebrity spends in his Studio a lot of time, sometimes late into there until morning. Pitt decided to buy housing nearby to help his friends.
“Brad is looking for a suitable home in Frogtown. He wants to turn his new home into a gallery-Studio. He has many friends in the artistic circle, and he wants to help them, paying for the Studio in a prestigious area, and also the gallery, where they will be free to showcase their work and offer them to the buyers,” — said the insider.
Myself Nonsense a long time interested in art and is constantly evolving in this plan, visit museums, meet new wonderful creators at shows, and he spends a lot of time for the man-made work.
“Brad gives so much time to be creative in the Studio. It not just calms down with the sculpture he creates beautiful work. I think he is comfortable in the company of sculptors because it is treated like a normal person, not a star of the screen” — said the insider.