Brad pitt appeared as the grizzled General in the first trailer for the Comedy “the war Machine”

Брэд Питт появился в образе седого генерала в первом трейлере комедии «Машина войны»

At the end of 2015 brad pitt abruptly turned white. Fans at first were frightened, then, knowing all the circumstances, calm down and relax. Gray hair on the head of the actor has appeared artificially. It was created by the makeup artists of the film “war Machine”, where brad played a major role.

In the black Comedy directed by David Michaud, pitt had to play a four-star General Stanley McChrystal, who played not the last role in the preparation of the war in Afghanistan.

Today we have the opportunity to evaluate the first trailer for “war Machine”. A 45-second clip, we see the Colonel-General and the journalist in the performance of Tilda Swinton that wide-eyed heralds a calm soldier that this war for him to win will not succeed.

In the film “war Machine” will be released in may of this year.