Брэд Питт и Дженнифер Энистон встретятся на премии «Золотой Глобус»

Being nominated for the award “Golden globe”, brad pitt is not just preparing for a chance meeting with Jennifer aniston. Rather, he actually looked forward to meetings with his ex-wife, and the insider shares interesting details, why?
The ex-wife of brad pitt, 55 years old, Jennifer aniston, 50 years old, both are nominated for the prestigious award “Golden globe”, a show that will be broadcast on 5 January 2020, meaning they could be back in the same room in 15 years after announcing their breakup. However, brad is not afraid of the opportunity to face one another — instead, it hopes that it will happen, according to information from a reliable source brad! “Brad’s looking forward to meeting with all of your friends on such events, for it is one of the most exciting events, and now Jennifer is one of those people,” says the insider exclusive, one of American publications. Of course, it took a while to reach this level in a relationship and to get to this happy point.

Брэд Питт и Дженнифер Энистон встретятся на премии «Золотой Глобус»
“There was a time when it would be uncomfortable in such a situation, but nothing more”, explains one of the reliable source. This is because “they have so many mutual friends”, which proved true, when brad suddenly appeared on the 50th anniversary of Jen in February. With their shared circles “for brad it really is a plus that he and Jennifer are friends again,” and so brad will like the fact that in any case he will see her at the Golden globes,” adds the source.
Brad will be present at “the Golden globe – 2020” as the nominee in the category “Best role of an actor in a supporting role in the film” beyond its primary role as a stuntman cliff booth in “Once in Hollywood”. Jennifer received an equally impressive gesture since it will be present on the show as a nominee in the category “Best role actress in a television series — drama” for the role she played on television, news anchor Alex levy on the “Morning show”.

Today Jennifer and brad seem alone. In the rare event of his interviews, brad said that none of the rumors about the affair that are fanned and fueled in the media about his relationships with women, “last two or three years”, not true, says the actor in an interview with “New York Times” published December 10. Jennifer aniston Split after a divorce in 2017, with her second husband, actor 48-year-old Justin Theroux, in contrast to the situation with brad, stayed with him in friendly relations.

Brad and Jennifer have come a long way since the announcement of the termination of their four-year marriage in January 2005, which was legally completed in October of the same year. Although the former wrote that they remained “loyal and caring friends” at that time, the end of their marriage was plagued by rumors that brad allegedly had an affair with his partner (and future rival in love, later his wife) 44-year-old Angelina Jolie, who he met on the set of their movie “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2004. Jennifer even admitted that “it is missing the same sensitivity chip” to brad in her first interview after her divorce, published for Vanity Fair in 2006!

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