Brad pitt and his eldest son have entrusted their secrets to one doctor

Брэд Питт и его старший сын доверили свои секреты одному врачу
A psychologist tries to help pitt and Maddox to reconcile.

Brad pitt with Maddox and Shiloh Paxom

Photo: Zuma/TASS

Although as previously reported, recently divorcing
the couple Angelina Jolie and pitt, in a great measure reconciled, the relationship of brad with his older son yet
remain tense. And to solve this problem, both in therapy,
one and the same. The reporter online edition managed
to photograph them at the building where is office of this specialist.

Although their work with the psychologist began some time ago, and
moving, according to reports, sufficient satisfactory to
joint sessions of both is not yet ready. Therefore, they visit one
psychologist, but at different times. As reported watching pitt and his son paparazzi
each of them is in the office for about an hour.

In fact, a few months ago about the reconciliation of brad with
Maddox, with whom he had a falling out in September last year, could not be
speech. It’s hard to say what really happened between pitt and his
son. Claimed that on Board
the plane on which the family was returning from France, came into conflict brad and
Angelina and Maddox stood up for the mother. And pitt, as it was reported, allegedly
used physical force against his son. However, the investigation did not reveal
any illegal actions on the part of brad.

Since then, much has changed for the better. So,
the couple, who at first only did what was publicly charged
against each other, and communicated only through their lawyers. Now
they finally started talking to each other. Besides, Jolie has already started
to let children communicate with the father in the house of pitt. And, according to insiders
the publication, between brad and Maddox has already held the first conversation. But before the end of
the conflict, apparently to settle is not possible…