Brad pitt and his children continue to undergo psychotherapy

Бред Питт и его дети продолжают проходить психотерапию

The divorce of Hollywood couple Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt moved in a sluggish condition, but it does not relieve the actor and his children’s obligations to take courses in psychotherapy, which insisted his still legal wife. Recently Brad and his adopted son Pax were seen coming from the office of one therapist.

Thirteen-year-old boy and his foster father consulted the same specialist whose office is located in the Hollywood hills, but at different times. This expert specializiruetsya on relationships adults and children-adolescents – just what you need Angie.

Recall that since the statement Jolie divorce, Brad is living separately from wife and children. To be able to see them, pitt had to pass not only through the FBI investigation, but also the treatment of alcohol dependence, and individual and group psychotherapy, which, as you can see, continues today.

Insiders report that Brad still has strong feelings for angelina and willing to do anything to get her back. Recent recognition Pitta alcoholism and that in parting with the family guilty but he melted the heart of Jolie, and she again saw in him a man whom once loved.