Brad pitt and Angelina Jolie hide their communication from children

Брэд Питт и Анджелина Джоли скрывают свое общение от детей

The relationship of Angelina Jolie and brad pitt has long seemed ideal. Loving wife, surrounded by beloved children – could there be something better? But as it turned out, it was just ostentatious idyll Jolie and pitt skillfully demonstrated the last couple of years. As a newly admitted brad, words of his wife that he frequently abused alcohol, were true. Pitt said that before the moment that Jolie announced the divorce, he regularly day-to-day hit the bottle and I do not remember the day when he was completely sober.

Also the star of “Allies” has shared with journalists that the first time the news that Jolie doesn’t want to live with him and takes away his children, it was a shock for him. But later he decided that he needed to change something in his life if he doesn’t want a bad outcome. Pitt threw the drink prettier, fit and is now trying to reconnect with his family.

And, according to insiders, he successfully obtained it. At least if we talk about communicating with Angelina. According to the testimony of several informants, the Western tabloids write that Brangelina secret from children and the public in contact and do not know where it may lead.
“Brad and Angelina started to frequently communicate after Angelina expressed a desire to purchase a mansion near the home of brad. But even after the transaction was completed, they continued to call almost every day. First, they discussed only the children, but over time began to emerge, themes for their future together and the suspension of proceedings,” says the insider.