Брэд Питт и Анджелина Джоли наконец-то разведутся!

Two and a half years Angelina Jolie and brad pitt can’t get a divorce! Long time married couple fought for custody of the children, but that not all the differences that began on the path of divorce. A protracted trial was already tired by the stars, so they’re more likely to settle and become free.

Angelina and brad want to ask the judge about bifurcation – splitting the trial into two parts to make it possible adjudication of marital status without consideration of all aspects of business. Thus they will be able to get rid of their status, while other questions about guardianship, etc. will be addressed further. “They both will be considered divorced and lonely, but they still have to negotiate about the final decision of the court, including division of property and custody… They don’t want to be together husband and wife should move on,” – said the press insider.

Now the couple decided to pull myself together for the sake of their children. Not so long ago, Jolie and pitt were seen together in one of the offices Beverly hills. The pair has been together for about 3 hours. Jolie and pitt have something very vividly discussed, and then separately left the office. Pitt the paparazzi didn’t disappear and even a thumbs-up when they noticed photographers. The tabloids believe that the pair met to discuss the custody of children.

the stars had previously arranged a secret meeting. “Brad and Angelina had a secret meeting in her house. By the way, the first time they were going to go to meet each other and begin to implement them in group therapy with children. It’s a success,” said the insider ET.

Brad also knew that soon it would happen. “Brad has long been set for the conclusion of peace, and now, finally, they landed, and their children will be safer”.

Although Jolie in all ways tried to limit former care. Earlier it was reported that brad pay child support by order of the court is not enough. At one of the hearings, which was addressed by attorney Jolie Samantha Bley, Dejin, she reported that over the past eighteen months brad has not paid any “significant” support. “Pitt has a duty to pay child support. At the moment he has not had any significant financial support to children after a separation,” writes the lawyer in the letter on page two, which was addressed to the Supreme court in Los Angeles.

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