Bozena of Rynska remembered about the horrors of childhood and the hatred of a parent

Божена Рынска вспомнила об ужасах детства и ненависти родителей The journalist told about his memories. According to Rynska, she faced cruelty from adults, which nearly drove her to suicide. Celebrity notes that this situation is common in many Russian families.
Божена Рынска вспомнила об ужасах детства и ненависти родителей

Kicked off the Cannes film festival, which runs until may 28. One of the most anticipated films of the competition was the film “Dislike” by Andrei Zvyagintsev, who was enthusiastic critics. Guest premiere screening was Bozhena Rynska. The fashion columnist was delighted with the picture of the Russian Director, which is represented in the main competition of the show. The woman appreciated the novelty along with other Russian celebrities, among which were seen Alexei Vorobyov, Svetlana Ustinova, Mikhail Kusnirovich and many others. Alexey Vorobyov was fascinated by French women in Cannes

Rynska actively shares his emotions on the personal page in a social network, talking about the festival and posting shots from Cannes to show the atmosphere. Drama “Dislike” very impressed with the journalist. One of the main characters of the film was 12-year-old boy who leaves home, because tired of screaming and my parents arguing. According to Bozena in Russia, a lot of families in which children encounter rudeness from adults.

“This is the story of how the generation travmatikov traumatize their children and those of their own. And further up the chain. I travel a lot and I can guarantee that. I have never seen such aggression towards their children, as in Russia. Half of Russians hate their children. On the “Kinotavr” walk from “Park” to “Pearl” and back. Oh, you will hear: “Come here!”, “I said”, “wait!”, “How many times you repeat”. The baby is three years old ran steps for 20 from my mom or grandmother. Runs babe, the world is studying. Immediately aggressive: “wait!”, “Don’t touch the cat, I said!” It’s some kind of concentration camp. No, I understand how you can be opened from the other children with whom you’re trapped in one space of the aircraft. But how can you hate her?” – surprised celebrities on the pages of his microblog.

Божена Рынска вспомнила об ужасах детства и ненависти родителей

According to Rynska, she also had a hard time. When she was little, she could feel the brutality and aggression by adults. According to the woman, she was so hard that she was ready to settle scores with life.

“I hate to have lived all his childhood. If not for grandma, I’d kill myself. I know how to kill the child unmotivated parents,” – said Bozena.

Many members of the journalist recognize yourself in this story, and after watching the trailer, I could not hold back the tears. “This is a very heavy topic. To raise children without shouting and the slaps should be taught, we do not know how to do it, nobody taught us. I try, but also break”, “under my window the school and I every day heard yelling, picking on, cries, tears”, “Then this “baby” pretty dinged up parental love, collects the pieces of myself the rest of my life, restoring a sense of dignity and begging for love yourself at all” – supported the point of view of Ryńskie commentators post.